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A slightly cynical look at the world of customer service and the pitfalls of trying to find a so-called "real job." ENTRY-LEVEL is a journal comic about my life as an artist and retail monkey, detailing real stories of customer service from my own experiences and my friends' as we try to escape the vicelike grip of soul-sucking jobs. Easier said than done, as they say! Updates every Thursday.


» A triumphant return! Sort of!

Hey! Remember me? I said I'd post about a week in advance from when I'd be returning officially, and I'm totally keeping that promise! I haven't really got the housing situation worked out yet, unfortunately, but a huge burst of creative energy lately has given me a massive buffer of comics. Therefore! Expect a triumphant return for ENTRY-LEVEL next THURSDAY!

For a while, because of the stressful situation (and the fact that my roommate is going to take the scanner with her when we move out...), I'll only be posting once per week. So make sure to check back here every Thursday for more stories -- some of the new stuff is gonna be pretty great.

In the meantime, you can always check out my animation blog and this time, when I link my OFF THE LEASH store, there's actually stuff in it! Imagine that!

See you next Thursday!

» Hiatus!

Hey guys <3 I wanted to first say, thank you so much for 50 fans! My mind is blown. And you've all been really awesomely supportive, from commenting to liking on facebook and all that stuff. You're the best! So thank you.

Second, despite how utterly amazing you guys are, I'm afraid I'm gonna have to take a bit of a hiatus. It bums me out to do that, but I'm having a serious housing crisis (as in "oh god I have to move in a month and a half and I have no place to live right now") combined with serious job hunting crisis (for the same reason pretty much) combined with some personal stuff to work out. I'll offer a news post here when we're a week from coming back, but I'm gonna shoot for the end of April, since that's when I have to move so I'll have things worked out one way or another.

Until then, I'd like to give you guys a link to a project I'm helping out with! You know the type of customers that end up in this comic? Well, my friend Jacob works in the same area as I do, and he came up with this awesome animation based on the same type of customers you see in ENTRY-LEVEL! He started a Kickstarter project so that he'd be able to pay his artists (for instance, me) and cover production costs. He's a really incredibly talented guy and this is a seriously fun and relatable project, so check it out! The minimum pledge is $1, and every penny counts, so support it, tell your friends, everything!


Also, there's nothing there YET, but in the next week, be keeping an eye on the following! Aside from doing comics and animation, I also try to support myself with crafts and jewelry making. I'm about to open my own online store! So keep an eye out for this URL to suddenly lead to lots of shiny things (literally!):


Anyway, I wanted to once again say thank you to everyone that's been supportive of this little comic so far. You guys are the best. See you in April!

» /dead

Hey guys...sorry to say there'll be no comic this week. I'm exceptionally sick (exceptionally!!), and my buffer ran out at just the wrong moment. We'll be back on track next week! Sorry for the delays. (If it makes you feel better, I called out of work, cancelled some apartment viewings, and might have to cancel my tabletop session too. Boo!)

Back to being dead and drinking looooots of tea. x_X

» Return and new scheduling!

Hello all! As you might have guessed from the title of the post, I'm bringing ENTRY-LEVEL back for a triumphant return! Unfortunately I've been set back a bit by busyness (try saying that five times fast!), but the new schedule has been decided. Officially so.

ENTRY-LEVEL will now be updated SUNDAYS and THURSDAYS.

Which is basically like I just took the Tuesday update out of the normal schedule. Yeah. Anyway, this'll be starting up on Thursday afternoon, so be on the lookout! And thanks again for keeping up with us here, it really means a whole lot to me. <3

» October Fail! (Delays WITHOUT inclement weather?!)

Hi everyone...sorry for the delay putting this up. x.x There'll be no comic for October 4th or 6th this week! (Tues & Thurs) I'm putting a show together for illustration work for First Friday in my area and it's consuming my life! Also driving me crazy, running me ragged, etc etc etc. Comic will resume on Sunday as usual, but there might be a Friday edition this week too. :)

Sorry again guys. ;A; /crawls off to bed

» Hello!

Comics have arrived! Hi everyone :D Welcome to ENTRY-LEVEL, my journal comic! I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing it. I haven't decided what days it'll update yet, but I think it'll probably be something like every day or every other day...if I can keep that up.

If you don't see anything new for the weekend, it'll mean hurricane Irene has struck with the vengeance of an angry god. AKA I'll have no power. Otherwise a wild comic should appear as scheduled!

Thanks to those who have favorited the comic and added comments so far! You've really made my day.

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